Another Reason To Always Hire A Home Inspector

On a recent inspection, I was speaking to a buyer before beginning my inspection. I always ask the customer if there is anything with the home that they are greatly concerned about. She told me that the seller told her that the roof was recently repaired, so she just wanted to verify that the repairs were appropriate. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest when they are trying to “seal the deal” on a home sale. This is what I discovered after climbing the ladder onto the roof:

Both pictures above reveal broken and deteriorated plumbing vent stack seals. As a result, water is able to enter the attic space and cause damage.

The photos above show two rather large holes in the roofing that are open to the elements. Water can easily pour into these holes and cause severe damage.

These photos reveal broken and missing shingles! This is a common problem with aging roofs but is a problem that requires repair to prevent moisture intrusion under the roof covering.

These are just a few of the issues that were discovered with this home. And these problems were all reported to the buyer as having already been repaired by the seller. Always protect yourself, your money, and your largest investment by hiring a qualified professional inspector when buying a home! You can reach PLAN Inspections at (706) 250-1331 or via email: We would be very happy to speak to you about your inspection needs!

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